This is why we do branding

Your brand should never stop growing

Jim Roses is a dutch based advertising company with strong roots in branding. To us branding means the whole outward appearance a company has towards its clients. Every company has its own message which has to be translated into solid sales, marketing and advertising solutions. Those materials need to sell the core message of a company to acquire new clients and business. Its the mission of Jim Roses to create those strong branding and marketing solutions which has a lasting impression on existing and new clients.

My holy trinity

We firmly believe in 3 key objects every company needs to have



We design a solid identity to show the world, where the company stands for and what is to be expected.



We build a strategy to acquire new clients. Every step we take is based on the key values of the company



We produce a variety of unique solutions like copywriting, commercials, movies, and graphical design concepts.

This is how it goes

Brand building is complex and a good strategy is important to succeed. That is why we believe in these 4 steps to brand building.
  • Research 1
  • Strategy 2
  • Plan 3
  • Production 4

This is how we do it

With these skills we are able to cover a whole branding project

TV commercial

Jim Roses did national and regional TV commercials that were broadcasted.

Corporate identity

Jim Roses creates corporate identities that translate company values into images.


When a corporate identity is finished, design can be added to enhance the brands message.


Jim discusses possibilities and strategy with his clients to reach the right audience effectively.


Jim knows his way in the online world. For him SEO, Google Advertising are like a creditcard to a golddigger.

Social Media

Social media connects people and can be used as an influencer. Jim knows how to use it the right way.


Jim Roses likes direct and clear communication. So do not hesitate just call him!
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